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Message from yuiko

[Track List]

1.higurashi and bullfrog
2.good morning
3.bird of passage
4.calm the wind
5.dew drops
6.morning sun is shining through a north window
7.the sun set
9.a song for Rocky Jr.

All songs are written by yuiko
Produced by Yvon Mounier/Don Peyote recordings
Don Peyote - programming on track 1,3,5,7,8,9
Dan Richardson - Flute on track 5
Koutarou Saitou - Cello on track 2
Rintarou Kimura - Harp & chorus on track 2,7
Yosuke Hasada - design & illustration
mastered by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studios Melbourne, Australia

Release date : November 14, 2012
priceF20 USDitax inj
Label : Whereabouts Records
JAN codeF4582358980143
liner notes :@Yoshinori Otomo


Message from yuiko

"Only more purely beautiful part of, and felicitous music."
I've produced this album only because of the eagerness to explore the essence of that.
The more I got down to that, the closer it got to the "natural sound."
Living in a big city, living out, working, parenting and doing housework...
I thought that I needed such music in those busy days.
It was an urgent necessity for me.
Music could change the atmosphere in a split second.
It could link my intuition.
As I tried to express 120% of the sanctity of the music, the sound naturally got formed.
In the sound that we, the adult, listen, there is a song that children would be pleased.
Especially the little children like such music that is 120% purely and joyfully played.
Beautifully, modesty, and felicitously.
There won't be anything happier to me if this album serves to make the listeners feel great and cheerful in some small way.